Clay Brick Products We Sell

Bowerston Shale

Manufacturer of OHIO quality clay face brick and paving brick since 1929.  With plants located in Bowerston and Hanover, Ohio, they produce quality clay products for the architectural, commercial and residential markets, continually incorporating the latest engineering and manufacturing techniques.

Lee Brick and Tile Company

Since 1951, Lee Brick and Tile has been a family owned business manufacturing high quality face brick at their Sanford, NC  plant.  At Lee Brick, quality begins with the highest quality Triassic shale in the country.  Their methods of mining, processing and firing assure the highest quality in finished products.  Lee offers more than 100 styles, finishes and sizes.

Taylor Clay Products

The Taylor's have been in the ceramics industry since the early 1800's beginning with Charles Taylor and Sons Refractories located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Their current manufacturing facilities are located in Salisbury, NC, where for over 50 years they have specialized in architectural Through-the-Body face brick. 

Henry Brick Company

J.D. Henry founded the Henry Brick Company in 1945 with one goal in mind:  to take the rich clay of central Alabama and produce brick of unmatched beauty and unsurpassed quality.  For over 70 years, family-owned Henry Brick has defined the brick makers art, and it's uniquely beautiful product line is renowned throughout the Southern, Eastern and Midwestern United States.

Clay Brick Products We Sell

Ragland Clay Products

"Brick with Character"

Using tradition and innovative technology, Ragland Clay Products produces unique face brick and clay pavers, thin brick, clinkers and tumbled brick.

Continental Brick Company

Since 1917, Continental Brick, West Virginia's only brick manufacturer has offered Elegance, Durability and Longevity.  Continental Brick will give you the beauty you've dreamed of, while providing the durability you've sought after.

Hebron Brick Company

Founded in 1904, shortly after European settlers began arriving in Western North Dakota, Hebron Brick has been in the brick business.  Today, Hebron Brick is the only brick manufacturer in ND. and one of the most successful brick companies in the upper Midwest.  Their ancient veins of extraordinary clay and state-of-the-art brick plant continues to yield a variety of colors and enables Hebron Brick Company to offer a wealth of options  in fine brick.