Concrete Masonry Products We Sell

Oberfields manufactures concrete building products in Centerville, Columbus and Delaware, Ohio.  They offer residential block, architectural block, including their own DesignBLOK line of products; concrete pavers, retaining wall and precast items.  They are a full line manufacturer of Rosetta products and Versa-Lok Retaining Walls

Saturn is a green company by the nature of their process, which only expels water vapor.  Low energy consumption and the utilization of fly ash, a by-product of coal fired power plants and cement, makes their products ecologically friendly.  Saturn makes brick of all sizes, large veneer units, pavers and structural masonry units in a variety of colors.  All of their products meet industry standards, save energy and are cost comparable to existing products.

Since 1946, County Materials is a family owned, American based manufacturer of high quality concrete construction and landscaping products.  Their divers product lines offer superior strength, lasting durability, competitive pricing and ready availability.